Do You Know About Pet Nutritional Needs?

Alike humans, pets also have particular nutritional needs, but the needs are different from that of a human. If they aren’t sufficient, they can cause a number of deficiencies and illness. Here, Mount Pleasant Veterinary group outlines supplies and nutrients that your pet will need to stay healthy.

mount pleasant veterinary supplies

  1. Just like humans, water serves as an important nutrient for a pet. An adult pet has 60-70 percent of their weight in water. That’s why, pets should have fresh and clean water available at all times. A deficiency can cause serious illness and even death.
  2. Proteins are basic building blocks for pets, particularly dogs and cats. Mount Pleasant veterinary Supplies provide a wide range of bones, other products that have protein for pets. Make sure that your pet gets chicken, turkey, beef, fish and eggs. But never give your pet raw eggs.
  3. Your little one needs fat, particular Linoleic acid as well. Fats provide them insulation and helps in reducing skin problems. You should contact a Mount Pleasant Clinic to know how much fat your pet will require.
  4. Remember their calorific needs. A small, low-activity dog would require not more 370 calories every day, while a pooch weighing about 70-90 pounds would practically need about 1000-2000 calories. So, don’t overfeed them. Consult with a specialist to guide you completely.
  5. Similarly, a small 10 pound kitty will also need 220-350 calories. Overfeeding would make them obese!
  6. Taurine is a supplement, which is essential for a cat. Only a meat rich diet can provide the cat the amount of taurine it needs.
  7. Carbohydrates are important for the pet. They should get up to 40 percent of their calories from carbs.

We at Mount Pleasant Veterinary Supplies offer food supplies and nutrients that are essential for pets. Visit our website for details.


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