Tips To Choose The Best Veterinary Services

An increasing number of people in Singapore now keep pets of all kinds. Be it families or flat mates or single occupants, pets have become an indispensable part of the lives of a large number of such people. But more often than not, one is quite carefree when it comes to medical and vet services; most people only look for those during the time of illness or emergency. Continue reading


The Merit of Taking Your Pet to a Mount Pleasant Vet in Singapore

Vets are to diagnose the problem mostly from the behaviour of your pets and ultrasound etc. follows later according to the condition of the patients. This construes that you must see vets who are accomplished and experienced enough for diagnosing the problem at the first sight. Continue reading

Why Should You Go To The Mount Pleasant For Your Pet Care?

The whole universe runs on a cause and effect relationship. At times, it appears that the world responds in line with the Newton’s third law of motion that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This perhaps holds truth in case of Mount Pleasant. Continue reading

Do You Know About Pet Nutritional Needs?

Alike humans, pets also have particular nutritional needs, but the needs are different from that of a human. If they aren’t sufficient, they can cause a number of deficiencies and illness. Here, Mount Pleasant Veterinary group outlines supplies and nutrients that your pet will need to stay healthy. Continue reading

Choose The Right Veterinarian For Your Special Pet

There are loads of options to choose from. But not all veterinarians are best for your dog, cat or other special pet. And finding a stellar vet or a good clinic doesn’t happen by accident. So, we at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital, Singapore to help you. Continue reading

How to Care New Dog After Adoption?

Congratulations! You have a new pet- a cuddly fur of joy! Dogs, they are going to give you affection, love and care that you might not have experienced before. In turn, pets only need love and attention from you, which can be given in the form of healthcare after your adopt them. So, when you adopt a dog, develop a dog-care regimen and follow these simple care tips. Continue reading

Pet Cremation Services at Mount Pleasant Vet Clinic

Losing a pet can be heart-breaking. After all, they are the ones who give wonderful years to us. But they deserve a dignified farewell. And now, your pets can be buried with dignity, thanks to Mount Pleasant vet clinic. Continue reading