The Merit of Taking Your Pet to a Mount Pleasant Vet in Singapore

Vets are to diagnose the problem mostly from the behaviour of your pets and ultrasound etc. follows later according to the condition of the patients. This construes that you must see vets who are accomplished and experienced enough for diagnosing the problem at the first sight.

Your pets can’t talk like a human being; but you can find out their sufferings jolly well. How? Your love and passion for them help you detect their sufferings. This unequivocally applies to Mount Pleasant vets. They offer a unique combination of experience, expertise and above all, the human touch while treating the patients!

How Mount Pleasant Vets are different?

Well, there is a popular saying – winners don’t do different things in life; it is the way of doing things that propels them to become winners in life. So true! Here is a couple of points how Mount Pleasant vets are different.

  1. Highly accomplished and learned vets: The vets over here are highly accomplished in their professional life and have years of hand on experience while treated patients all across Singapore. The vets are mostly Post Graduates in their fields. This works to your favour as your pet gets the best care and treatment at Mount Pleasant.
  2. High accessibility: Mount Pleasant vets are always accessible through multiple services such as outpatient service and emergency patient service 24×7 and 365 days a year. The vets are available at all the nine clinics which Mount Pleasant runs and these clinics are spread over the major parts of Singapore.
  3. State-of-the-art treatment: The vets at the Mount Pleasant clinics are experts in their fields and therefore, can perform critical surgeries on your pet in accordance with the need. The vets offer multiple critical care such as ophthalmology, dermatology, acupuncture, internal medicine and advanced imaging surgery.

What’s more? Go, get your pet treated at Mount Pleasant.


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