Services offered by Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group is an organisation dedicated to the care of animals’. Located in Singapore the organisation offers a whole array of services aimed at making the life of animals better. Continue reading


Mount Pleasant Veterinary Care Centre – Facilities and Services

From general routine checkups, vaccinations, laboratory facilities to private funeral, pet owners always look forward to find a destination where they will get all the services for their beloved pets under one roof. If you’re a pet owner in Singapore you must consider yourself lucky as here you can avail the services of Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre. Continue reading

Why Should You Never Give Your Dog That Chocolate Muffin

Dogs are fond of sweets and with their superb sense of smell; they can sniff them out even under layers of cover. But the sad thing is that sweets can be extremely dangerous for them. The main reason being that humans and dogs have very different ways of digesting compounds found in sweets. Continue reading