How to Care New Dog After Adoption?

Congratulations! You have a new pet- a cuddly fur of joy! Dogs, they are going to give you affection, love and care that you might not have experienced before. In turn, pets only need love and attention from you, which can be given in the form of healthcare after your adopt them. So, when you adopt a dog, develop a dog-care regimen and follow these simple care tips.

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Gather the supplies

It is ideal that you gather the supplies a dog will need before you bring them home. For instance, they will need a dog-tag, a collar and a leash, food bowls and water bowls. Other dog care essentials include their special shampoos, combos, clothes, shoes etc.  Meanwhile, take an appointment from healthcare centre to get the dog micro-chipped and give them their unique identity. You can opt for Mount Pleasant, reviewed positively for their pet healthcare services to get your dog micro-chip implants.

Establish House Rules Prior to the Arrival

Designing a care and health regimen is essential before the dog enters your home. For instance, you need to establish a routine for them beforehand, like who will walk the dog in the morning, who will take them out in the evenings. Who is responsible for feeding them night? Will they be allowed on the couch? Should they be given their own section in the garden or inside the home? Are there any rooms that are off-limits for the dog? Similarly, tackle any issues, like jealousy, which may be experienced by other pets in the house.

Training the Dog

Most of the dogs that are adopted aren’t really house-trained. So, you will have to be patient to intelligently house-train dogs. For instance, once home, you should take them to the toilet area and spend good amount of time to help them get used it relieving themselves there. Otherwise, you can hire someone who can teach the dog in humane manner about the rules that should be followed. You can also follow crate training for the dog.

Be calmer

Most often, humans get too excited when they see their little furry friends doing something cute, or acting stupid. But avoid getting too emotional. It is important that you limit your excitement in front of the dog for the first few days. Remain calm and quite, which will help your dog feel easier in terms of settlement. Mount Pleasant reviews that calmness is the best way to get more one on one time with the dog and understand their likes and dislikes.

Be Patient and Understanding

A dog takes a while to adjust. So, be patient and keep a schedule for maintaining their feeds, walks and other factors. Visit your veterinarian to ensure that they get effective vaccines and have group training classes.

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group can help you in the transition of adopting a dog. Visit our website for details about our centres and clinics for healthcare help and management for your pets.


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