Pet Cremation Services at Mount Pleasant Vet Clinic

Losing a pet can be heart-breaking. After all, they are the ones who give wonderful years to us. But they deserve a dignified farewell. And now, your pets can be buried with dignity, thanks to Mount Pleasant vet clinic.

mount pleasant vet clinic

Animal Lovers and pet enthusiasts from Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group have come up together to provide dignified burial to pets across Singapore through these cremation services. The cremation centre is a tranquil place, where your pet will be rested for the final time. Apart from offering cremation services, Mount Pleasant vet clinic also ensure that you can celebrate the life of your pet and remember them for all the love and happiness they brought to your life. They provide remembrance guidance for the same. Pet lovers can select between different types of caskets, keepsakes, scatter options, urns and memorial stones, plaques and plinths apart from cat/small pet tributes to ensure that their little one gets what they deserve.

The group also provides individual cremation services, with careful removal of cremated remains after each cremation, recording details for every cremation to ensure proper assistance. So you can rest assured that your pet will not be shoved off in a business carry out or common style cremation and then passed off as an individual cremation.

For more details on their services, visit the website. To take care of your pet’s health, try Mount Vet’s Clinic and Health centres, which house specialized veterinarians and provides all around services for pet healthcare.


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