Mount Pleasant Vet Centre: Special Cremation Services

Death of all living beings  is imminent. All pet owners must face up to this sad reality because the lifespan of their pets is so much shorter than theirs. However, pet owners can ensure that their pets get a dignified send off with Mount Pleasant Vet Centre’s Cremation Services.



  • The technology used for the incinerators is smokeless and odourless and affords all the dignity to the remains of your beloved pet.
  • Mount Pleasant Vet Centre has two sets of Chambered Pet Incinerators with a maximum load capacity of 700kgs.
  • There are thorough guidelines and operational procedures to ensure that your pet’s remains are kept separated from other’s pets and the chances of a mix up due to human error are kept at a minimal.


Services Offered:

  • Private Cremation: In this service, your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. After the completion of the service, your pet’s remains are handed over to you in a porcelain urn as a final keepsake. This service also allows the owner along with family and friends to present during the service.
  • Individual Cremation in Partitions: Under this, your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber along with other pets. They will however be separated by partitions so that their ashes don’t get mixed up with those of the others. Unlike private cremations, the owners and family members are not allowed to be present and the ashes are handed over to them within 7-10 days.
  • Mass Cremation: Under this option, your pet is cremated with a number of other pets with no partition. The ashes under this alternative cannot be separated and are buried in a common burial ground.



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