Services offered by Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group is an organisation dedicated to the care of animals’. Located in Singapore the organisation offers a whole array of services aimed at making the life of animals better.

mount pleasant veterinary

The group has 9 clinics spread across the city, one centrally-located emergency care unit that is open after hours, and a well-equipped tertiary care centre. Singapore’s very own animal and pet care clinic is all about taking care of pets and giving them a superior quality of life.

The different services offered are

Preventive Health Check-ups

The clinic offers preventive check-ups to its patients and that includes vaccination and diet plan and also the exercise regime to be followed. The other services are intestinal deworming and preventive medicines for flea/tick and heartworm.

Diagnostic Services

The in-house diagnostic services include laboratory services for screening like haematology, urinalysis, histopathology and also bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity. The laboratory also sends certain tests done from other laboratories if the tools are not present at the diagnostic centre.

Digital and Radiology Services

State of the art X-ray, ultrasound and video otoscopy facilities are available at the centre.

Dental Care

The centre has qualified graduate and post graduate veterinarians, who specialise in minor ailments and tooth extractions, and also dental cleaning and polishing. There are also specialists to evaluate bites and advanced periodontics and vital pulputomy as well as exotic pet dentistry and dental radiography.

Ophthalmological Evaluation

The eye care at the centre is of high quality and regular eye examinations are offered apart from specialised checks such as Conjunctival Pedicle Graft and Phacoe Mulsifation among others.

Heska Allergy Test

The centre also provides the Heska Allergy testing and treatment programme which includes checking for allergens and immunotherapy.

Cremation Services

The Group also provides cremation services after the unfortunate demise of your pet.

The founder of the Centre, Dr. Tan Hwa Luck graduated in 1960 from Glasgow and contributed hugely to the advancement of animal care in Singapore. In the year 1978 he began the first animal hospital which later branched out to the Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre and the emergency care centre.  At present there a number of clinics operating throughout Singapore bringing state of the art care to the animals and proper support and consultation to their owners.


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