Mount Pleasant Veterinary Care Centre – Facilities and Services

From general routine checkups, vaccinations, laboratory facilities to private funeral, pet owners always look forward to find a destination where they will get all the services for their beloved pets under one roof. If you’re a pet owner in Singapore you must consider yourself lucky as here you can avail the services of Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre.

mount pleasant veterinary centre

Must Have Facilities of a Complete Veterinary Centre

When your pet is critical, hopping from one clinic to another may put its life in danger. In this situation, you feel the need of complete veterinary service providers who will lessen your burden and do most of the things related to your pet’s care – starting from lab test to surgery.

Advanced laboratory service:

A one stop vet care solution must be equipped with an advanced laboratory service to diagnose illness at early stage and start the required treatment for your beloved pet.

After hour’s emergency:

Your pets deserve the best medical attention throughout each and every hour of the day. As such a clinic that claims to provide complete veterinary service must have after hour emergency and night service. No matter at what time your pet arrives at the clinic, it should get the best possible treatment always.

Basic orthopedic and soft tissue surgery:

A complete vet clinic has to be well equipped to perform basic bone and joint and soft tissue surgeries. A surgical nurse also has to be assigned to monitor the pets throughout the anesthesia and after the surgery to ward off complications.

General consultation:

Internationally qualified and trained veterinary specialists are always there to do regular checkups of your pets. The doctors should always give veterinary medicine that is peer-friendly and evidence based.

Private funeral:

There are a few vet service providers that organize private and mass cremation for pets on request. Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre is claimed to be the first to begin standard cremation services in 1987.

Besides, all these features a complete vet service provider should have other facilities like house call visits, microchip implantation, herbal medicine, acupuncture and nail trimming etc. So, search wisely and decide on the best vet care provider for your beloved pet!


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